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An Honest Review of MET-CN Chinese Pussy Pictures.

June 29th, 2015 by Chinese Pussy

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Now there is one site that compiles its images with 4 other chinese sites as well as translating the pages to English.  They call it ‘Art’, and they give a cut of their profits to some high ranking government official.


I don’t really care too much how they did it, but they did it.  When you click through to their site, you’ll see that their English is fuck-all, and that they are your typical arrogant chinese pricks, lying boldly to your face because they think you are a stupid lowei.


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June 25th, 2015 by Chinese Pussy

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Asian Porn Star Tia Ling Cock Gagging

June 21st, 2015 by Chinese Pussy

Tia Ling Cock Gagging Chinese PussyHot and horny Tia Ling is a real slut when it comes to cock. She has been in the biz a few years and has done everything you can imagine. In this movie scene, she is pushed to her sexual boundaries and they are smashed to fuck as she receives some seriously hot face fucking abuse.
She has two cocks rammed down her throat and she gags and spews up spit and bile all over herself. She gets double fucked in her Asian ass and tight Chinese pussy and ends the scene with the three white cocks blowing nut all in her cute Asian hoes face.
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Mika Tan Max Mikita Asian Sluts Cock Gagging Movies

June 17th, 2015 by Chinese Pussy

Max Mikita And Mika Tan Asian Whores Cock Gagging Chinese PussyThese two seriously wicked Asian hoes are totally abused. They both get ass fucked, throat fucked, double teamed, they suck down on the white cocks after they have been in each others ass. Cock gagging, spit vomit bile all over the place, themselves the floor. Man what a total fucking mess these bitches look at the end and then they both receive bukkake facials from the the three white boys all in their stupid Chinese hoe faces. Absolutely awesome throat abuse, anal and pussy abuse, these two Asian sluts felt like total shit and were totally degraded,

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Nancy The Chinese Pussy Nasty Cock Gagging Hoe

June 13th, 2015 by Chinese Pussy

Nancy The Sweet Chinese Slut Cock Gagging Chinese Pussy Nancy is a true innocent looking Chinese girl. Tiny tight little Asian pussy and ass, face sweet like chocolate. But there is a total different side to her that you would never know. She just loves to be throat fucked. Yep, she takes those white cocks down her throat with ease, she gags a little, spits a little and throws up her bowl of rice, but she takes the abuse without complaining, she is a real submissive Asian slut when it comes to sex. Watch Nancy taking a big white cock into that tiny little tight ass and pussy of hers and fucking love it. She loves to be treated like the whore she really is.

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Chinese Slut Sasha Hollander Cute Little Asian Girl Throat Fucked

June 9th, 2015 by Chinese Pussy

Sasha Hollander Hot Chinese Slut Cock Gagging Chinese Pussy Sasha Hollander is truly a cute little Asian girl that is not submissive in any way at all. She refuses to take the big white cocks down her throat and stamps her small size feet on the floor like a little spoilt Asian brat. Well fuck that bitch, you want the cash you swallow the cocks, end of. Little bit of ass and face slapping and she becomes mellow, her attitude changes from the spoilt bitch to the submissive Asian slut she absolutely is. This movie is a fine example of how submissive Asian hoes can be with a little bit of educatin’, tellin’ that Asian bitch who’s boss. Now take a deep breath and open wide bitch, coz these cocks are on a mission to destroy that tight Asian hoes throat.

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Kiana Submissive Asian Hoe Cock Gagging Two White Cocks

June 5th, 2015 by Chinese Pussy

Kiana Hot Asian Slut Cock Gagging Asian Ass Cute and submissive Asian hoe, best way to describe Kiana, strong minded slut would be another way to explain her attitude, desperate for cash skank bitch would be the proper description of this horny little Asian slut.

With cocks double teaming the bitches throat, she is as calm as a cucumber, no complaining, no cussing, she just takes deep breaths, opens her throat wide and takes those white meat poles way down to the back of her throat like any submissive Asian slut should.
The end of the scene you get to see Kiana receiving six nuts of white boy cock butter splattered all in her cute hoe face, in her eyes and dripping down her chin, no reaction, end of scene. All the face fucking abuse she received most bitches would have gone ballistic, no, take the pussy pounding, ass plundering, throat fucking, bukkake facial, take the cash and fuck off home to her boyfriend, to cry for six months straight.

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Indian Pussy Asian Slut Throat Fucking Hoe

June 1st, 2015 by Chinese Pussy

Indian Slut Jasmine Gets Her Throat Pussy And Ass Fucked Up good Here Horny little Indian pussy Jasmine, just turned 18 new to the States and her first experience of porn. Watch as this cute little bhangra loving slut take two white cocks down that tight throat of hers. Surprisingly she dont gag too much on the cocks, maybe Indian throats were just made to easily accommodate anything forced right down them.
Jasmine is a real Indian snake charmer and them cocks disappear into her face not a problem whatsoever she easily takes the cocks up her tight shaved Asian pussy and ass. The end of the scene where she receives four nuts to the face is just awesome as the submissive Indian hoe sits there quietly, obedient and is just a slave to the white cocks that have face fucked her.

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Filipino Porn Star Annie Cruz Gets Throat Fucked

May 28th, 2015 by Chinese Pussy

Filipino Slut Annie Cruz Gets Her Throat Pussy And Ass Fucked Up good Here Hot Filipino porn star bitch Annie Cruz generally gets the upper hand in her porn movies, not allowing the guy to take control, she likes it rough and likes being the dominant partner in a sex scene.

Not fucking today bitch.

Pure start to finish constant facial abuse. Watch as this freaky white mother fucker bangs the shit out of her throat, stuffs his cock up her ass, switching it back to her face forcing his cock down her throat, she gags spit, out of her face back to her ass, then her pussy gets pounded, back to her face, more gagging, ass slapping, out shoots vomit and more bile, then its up her ass.
Man its just non-stop face and throat fucking abuse.

You can see this sassy Filipino slut getting a foot stuffed in to her mouth, then replaced by the cock rammed down her throat, shit this scene is amazing. If you get off on watching porn stars getting rough sex, then this movie is for you.
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Blonde Teen Latina Slut Gets Face Fucked By White Cocks

May 24th, 2015 by Chinese Pussy

Latina Pussy Cock Gagging Facial Abuse Ok not a Chinese girls pussy, but a cute Latina bitch getting a face fucking. The cute, blonde and gorgeous looking 19 year old Latina hoe Pearl is relatively new to porn, totally stupid as fuck and this is her first attempt at doing anything in the porn biz and what a fucking debut this is.

The facial abuse starts almost the instant they yank of this hoes bikini and then go to town on this blonde bitches face, pussy and ass.

She is totally inexperienced and fuck does it show. She is moaning and labouring taking a long cock into her pussy. The cock gagging scene is just pure throat fucking class. With each thrust of cock shoots out a blast of puke, cock in puke out, fucking excellent.

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